VINCE (Bob Vincent)

I was “Born in Chicago” (but not in 1941…that was Paul Butterfield). I’ve been into music since I was a little kid; always drumming on something. I got an electric guitar for my 10th birthday, which I later learned was to prevent me from playing the drums (too noisy, I guess). At age 12, I started a 60’s rock band with the imaginatively original name “The Group”. I played rhythm guitar, bass and vocals. We played all of the school dances and other under-age events, and several years later, opened for the jazz/rock band “The Flock”. Meanwhile, I played saxophone in the school band.

When I was 15, I joined a locally famous folk/rock band called “The Columbus Washboard Co.” (Hey, don’t laugh; that was cool in the 60’s). The other members were all in their 20’s. Needless to say, I learned a lot in that band!

At 17, I was started a folk/rock duet with a guy down the street, doing a lot of fingerpicking and harmonizing. We hitchhiked around the country with our guitars on our backs for 3 months, making enough money to keep us on the road. We were even offered a recording contract with Pelican Records while in New Orleans, but the other guy’s dad wouldn’t let him sigh it. (I guess he wanted more for his son than to be a musician…heh).
I did join one other rock band, but that ended abruptly when I got married at age 20. “GET A HAIRCUT AND GET A REAL JOB!” I pretty much disappeared from the music scene during the child raising, corporate scene years: Fast forward to 2000.
I moved to Phoenix with my divorce papers and other essentials. It was about this time that I started singing at karaoke bars to get my music fix. I discovered a new “gravel” in my voice and began gravitating toward the blues. Then a little voice told me to buy a harmonica. As I developed my blues style and improved on the “harp”, people started telling me that I should be in a band. I tried a couple, but it always came down to a difference in musical taste: my blues/rock vs. their hair-band or metal preferences. I finally settled into singing and playing at local blues jams, when I Finally decided to get serious; and started Mojo Rats!

Interests: Music, Motorcycles (Harleys), Movies
Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Allman Brothers, Clapton/Cream, Joe Cocker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Healey, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Paul Butterfield, Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, and ZZ Top to name a few.